Boogie Bounce Revolution March/April 20 Online video

For use by Boogie Bounce instructors

Revolution is a circuit class using a Boogie Bounce trampoline.  All the exercises are done on the trampoline.  After a warm up, it's 1 minute cardio exercise with 20 seconds to change position to lying or kneeling on the base to do 1 minute of strength exercise.  Instructions are provided during the class.  10 seconds warning to the end of the minute and 3 beeps to indicate to move to next position.

If you are injured or are not able to provide a bouncing experience for your clients (you are in a flat or you don't have enough space), you can use this video to give your customers a great Boogie Bounce Revolution class. 

Use it with the share function on Zoom and you can motivate your class and give instructions to your customers.

The video is flipped so it gives your customers the correct view (i.e. they will start on their right foot) and has good quality music.  No instructions or whooping - that's your job.

So you can still hold a class, your customers are happy to pay for, without having to bounce yourself. 

BBX Rev 2020 card